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Gilad Atzmon Needs Your Immediate Support!

I am being sued for libel in the High Court in England by Campaign Against Antisemitsm’s chairman Gideon Falter. I have made the decision to fight this crucial battle for freedom of expression even though this fight poses a real risk of bankrupting me and my family. I choose to fight their suit because I believe that the CAA and its chairman and its use of libel laws pose a danger to freedom of speech and the future of this country as an open society. Enough is enough! Mr. Falter has sued me for comments I made on my own

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Phone Zombies Swarm UK Cities In Scenes Reminiscent Of Flying Ant Day

I kept seeing the same social media posts all week. They went like this; “Only three more sleeps til I get new phone.” “New phone on Friday whoop whoop!” Did you notice them too? They were everywhere. My personal favourite was a Facebook post from a Waterford girl (I’d reproduce it but I’d probably get sued) that went “Jesus girl if Friday doesn’t come quick I’ll wet myself lol!!” I hope she’s not a listener! OK, if you haven’t guessed already, there is a new smart phone out today. It’s the Samsung S9 and the Samsung S9+. The phone is being

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Sun Says Corbyn Is Putin’s Puppet – Labour Leader Asks For Poisoning Proof.

Putin’s Puppet! Outrage at Red Jezza! It could only be the front page of The Sun newspaper. Corbyn is a commie! He supported the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah, he’s not fit to defend a country. Yes it’s open season on old Jeremy today. Taking to the dispatch box during Prime Ministers Questions, after yet another Theresa May speech long on hyperbole and short on any evidence that Russia did indeed sanction a hit on double agent Sergei Skripal, Corbyn first asked the PM had she arranged for a sample of the nerve agent to be sent to Russia (The Russians

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No One Is 100% Straight – Says Barking Mad Scientist With Silly Name

A leading researcher at Cornell University has claimed that strictly heterosexual men don’t exist. Ritch C. Savin-Williams (lol), a professor of developmental psychology at Cornell University, says that men would be better off identifying as mostly straight. Now Cornell University is in the ivy league and is prohibitively expensive right? So it’s fair for us mere mortals to assume that Ritch used the grant given to him, to conduct a credible study in a carefully controlled environment right? You’d imagine that the study was multi-layered, terribly complicated, took place over a period of years and has been peer reviewed yes? You’d be

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Outrage As Westminster Fascists Call For OFCOM To Withdraw RT’s Broadcasting Licence

I nearly put my foot through the telly on Sunday, when Andrew Marr asked Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to consider boycotting the Russian state broadcaster RT. My anger wasn’t directed at Marr. Marr is after all, a system server, who has never asked a serious question of authority in the history of his worthless career. He gets paid a fortune to not properly challenge his guests, while appearing to do so. I don’t blame him though I do despise his kind. No, I wanted to do unspeakable things to his guest, the vacuous and utterly impotent John McDonnell, who

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