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The Richie Allen Show Returns Monday February 25th.

Hey there, Just a quick update as promised. I had my scan yesterday and it’s good news. The fluid in my lungs has mostly cleared up and while I’m still a bit breathless at times and coughing, I’m much better and just need a few days rest now. They’ve said I can come back next week, which is a great relief to me. So I’ll be on with you next Monday February 25th at 5 PM. Thanks so much for the get well messages and the kind words. It really means a lot to me. I’m not important at all,

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I’m On The Way Back. Thanks For Your Patience.

Hey you, I hope you’re well. It’s just after 2.40 PM Saturday afternoon as I write this. In case you hadn’t heard, I’ve had double pneumonia and believe me, there are no words I can use here to describe how sick I have been. Towards the end of the first week, I’d have gladly died, the pain was that bad. It’s a horrific thing. Our doctor wanted to admit me to hospital, but I have heard too many horror stories of super bugs. A colleague of Caroline’s (my fiancée) lost her brother to a super bug. He went in last

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The Richie Allen Show Archive – How Do I Access It?

Hey there. This is just a little bit of housekeeping. Listeners often ask me about old shows. “Is there an archive Richie?” Yes there is. I’ve been working with since mid 2015. So at you can listen to every single show from September 2015 to the present day. That’s around 1000 shows. I’ve got hard copies of the live shows broadcast before September 2015 and will eventually upload them to Podomatic, but not today or tomorrow! There’s a lot of work in that. So there you have it. There are three and a half years of shows archived on Podomatic

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Happy New Year To The Listeners Supporters & Friends Of The Richie Allen Show!

How ya doin? Some of my listeners and guests have already rung in the new year. I hope you had a great night! I’m sitting here in South Manchester all alone on my birthday! Yes, I was born on New Years Eve 1974, making me the ripe old age of 44 today. By the way I say all alone, but my pal The Jazz Woman is keeping me company. We’re just about to head out for a walk in fact. Caroline gets off work in a couple of hours and we’ll do what we always do, cuddle up, watch a

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California Based Doctor Believes Vaccine Ingredients Harmful – Today’s Richie Allen Show

Don’t miss today’s Richie Allen Show (Wednesday December 12th). I’ll be live at 5 PM UK Time as usual. Today I’ll be joined by Dr. Robert Rowen MD. The California based  doctor is advising his patients and the wider public, that they need to educate themselves as to what ingredients are going into vaccines. Robert believes some of these ingredients have the potential to cause real harm. It’s a brave position for any mainstream doctor to take. Parents of very young children and expecting couples, really need to hear this interview, to make an informed choice as to what vaccinations

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