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The Richie Allen Show – Live At 1 PM UK Time Today Friday November 23rd

Morning all   Just a very quick heads up. I’ll be broadcasting an hour of news analysis from 1 PM UK Time this afternoon. You can access the show through the usual avenues (the player is on the homepage of course), (channel 2) or going to TuneIn radio and searching for Richie Allen. Don’t worry about not catching it live. It’ll be on Podomatic, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube shortly afterwards. Join me at 1. Until then…..

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Slightly Later Start Today. Join Me At 5.30 PM For Monday’s Richie Allen Show

Quick heads up. I’ve an appointment this afternoon and won’t be back for 5, or I could be but don’t want to rush. I’ll definitely be back in time to start at 5.30 PM. I’ll be rounding up the days big stories and will also be joined by the author and journalist Christine Hart. Of course we’re back to normal tomorrow Tuesday. So when you log on at 5 and hear music, don’t panic, I’m on the way. Listen to the show through this website (the player is on the homepage) or through (Channel 2), or TuneIn Radio.

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A Hundred Million Thanks From Me To You

Hey there, I was thinking last night, while unwinding after the live show and waiting for it to upload to YouTube, that it’s been a while since I said thank you. It’s not that I don’t think about the importance of your contribution, or even that I am ungrateful. No chance. I still make time at the end of the month, no matter how hectic things are, to email as many of you as I can. However, I don’t get round to personally thanking everyone. That’s a pain in the arse to me, but without an assistant or even a

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The Richie Allen Show Moves To New Time Slot

Hey there. As I mentioned on yesterdays show, today Tuesday September 4th, sees The RA Show move to a brand new time slot. The show will now begin at 5 PM UK Time Monday through Thursday. As usual, the show will broadcast for two hours each day. Sunday View is not affected and will continue to air each Sunday morning at 11 AM UK Time. While the show had a very healthy live audience in it’s previous time slot, the fact is more than 95% of my listeners get the show on demand at a time convenient to them, through

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Corbyn Capitulates To UK Zionist Lobby – Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

Deceased Auschwitz survivors are now persona non grata according to Jeremy Corbyn. Jezza apologised today, for attending a Holocaust Memorial Event in 2010, where one of the key speakers was Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer. Meyer was an outspoken critic of Israel and claimed that Israel used the Holocaust to justify crimes against the Palestinians. The Campaign Against Antisemitism (vacuous muppets to a man) reported Corbyn’s attendance to the Equality And Human Rights commission. Laughable isn’t it? The CAA goons are spending their days poring over conference guest lists from days of yore and reporting their targets for the high crime of

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