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Brexit – Remoaners Launch New Million Pound Campaign To Keep The UK In The EU.

Even as I cast my vote to leave in the June 2016 referendum, I knew that whatever the outcome, the UK would never properly leave the EU. In fact I never thought for a minute that Vote Leave would carry the day in the first place, but I trudged wearily to my local polling centre anyway thinking what the hell. I won’t bore you by telling you what you already know by now, that the establishment and its puppet media have worked relentlessly to undermine the result. The Telegraph reports today that a new campaign will be launched this weekend

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15 Years After Iraq – Mass Media Still Cheerleading War, This Time It’s Syria.

This from Ian Burrell writing in The Independent newspaper back in July 2016: So much of the current public distrust in the media and its incestuous relationship with the political establishment can be traced back to its failures in covering the Iraq war. I remember picking up the London Evening Standard on 24 September 2002, and being gripped by the raw power of its splash: “45 minutes from attack”. Hours earlier in Parliament, Tony Blair had handed down his flawed tablet of stone, with its false claims of Saddam Hussein’s weaponry, and the media machine whirred into action, propelled by Alastair Campbell’s

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May To Launch Airstrikes On Syria Without Approval From Parliament.

As Rothschild’s merry men Trump and Macron plot their response to the unfounded allegations that Bashar al-Assad is using chemical weapons on his people, war criminal Theresa May (see Yemen) has instructed UK military chiefs to draw up plans to join in the carnage. She doesn’t need parliamentary authority to do do either. Dodgy Dave Cameron did seek MP’s backing for airstrikes on Syria back in 2013 after claims that the Syrian military had used chemical weapons then, but he wasn’t legally required to do so. He lost that vote after hundreds of thousands of UK citizens phoned their MP’s

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Nearly Two-Thirds Of Child Refugees Found To Be Adults New Report Shows

Nearly two-thirds of ‘child’ refugees who were questioned about their real age after coming to Britain were found to be adults, an official report has found. In a 12 month period, 65 per cent of asylum seekers who had claimed to be minors, were in fact found to be over 18. The report by the immigration watchdog David Bolt, revealed that the Home Office received just under 3,000 asylum applications from unaccompanied children in the year to June last year. There were 705 age disputes (around 25 % of the total) where it was believed that the person was lying

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Neocon-Zionist Puppet Donald Trump Is Pushing The World To The Brink Of WWIII

It’s April 2016. US election fever has gripped the world. There has never been this much interest in a presidential race. It is becoming more and more likely that Donald Trump will secure the Republican Party’s nomination to run for president. On the campaign trail Trump never passes up an opportunity to criticise America’s “forever-wars in the Middle East.” He also questions the Obama administration’s antagonism of Russia, the world’s leading nuclear power and major producer of oil. On April 27th Trump delivers in his words, his first “major foreign policy address.” Here’s some of what he said: “Unfortunately, after

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