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Trans Rights Isn’t About Equality, It’s About Changing Society By Redefining The Family Unit.

Women’s Aid is one of the largest domestic violence charities in the UK. It announced yesterday that it has begun the process of allowing trans women to work in their refuges based on self-identifying as a woman, rather than requiring a change to their birth certificate. This could mean that staff caring for victims of domestic violence or assault could identify as female but still physically resemble a male. The charity has four branches which supervise over 300 refuges where women and children can be protected from abusive home environments. I have said on the radio show and I meant

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The Curious Case Of Darren Osborne, The Finsbury Park Mosque Terrorist

Yesterday, Darren Osborne was found guilty of murder and attempted murder. He’s the Finsbury Park terrorist, who drove a van into a crowd of people on June 19th last year, killing one man and seriously injuring others. By the time you read this, he’ll have been sentenced to life in prison. What a senseless waste of life, the life of Makram Ali, the unfortunate victim and of course the life of Osborne himself. We’re told that Osborne rented a van and drove from his native Cardiff to London, with the intention of murdering Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.  Corbyn was attending

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Can Somebody Please Explain To Me What “British Values” Actually Means?

Religious extremists are trying to pervert education! Aarrghh! The bastards! In our schools with our children, the bloody cheek of it! Wait a minute, what? Okay what. The education watchdog in the UK is Ofsted. It’s headed up by Amanda Spielman and she’s fretting about British values being swept away in a tidal wave of fundamentalism that is targeting school children. According to the BBC: Religious extremists are using schools to narrow children’s horizons and “pervert education”, England’s chief inspector of schools is warning. Amanda Spielman says some community leaders see schools as vehicles to “indoctrinate impressionable minds”  Schools as

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The Irish Senate Bends The Knee To Israel. Michael Collins Is Turning In His Grave.

Frances Black is a musician and an independent member of The Irish Senate, the upper house of the Irish parliament. The Senate is a little bit like the UK House of Lords. Senators are not elected by the people and can only delay legislation that has passed The Dáil (Irish Parliament). It cannot veto. Black tabled a Private Member’s Bill entitled, “The Control Of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018. The proposed legislation declares it an offence “for a person to import or attempt to import settlement goods.” Likewise, those who “assist another person to import or attempt to import settlement goods”

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Meditation Pieces – Soul Eaters

Child abuse interferes with and ultimately destroys a child’s energy, their energetic flow and vibrational uniqueness. If the abuse persists for long enough the victim’s energy flow will eventually be destroyed causing them to break down and stop functioning. There is an energetic exchange during child abuse where the abuser takes the power (the ‘life force’ if you will) of the child. It’s not just the child’s energy that is taken, the abuse interferes with the child’s vibration and their ability to replace and regenerate their own power too, until all that’s left of the abused child is a shell

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