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Political Correctness Is Totalitarianism On Steroids & Will Be The Death Of Free Speech If We Let It.

The forces of political correctness have had a fabulous few weeks. As I write this the tears are streaming down my face I am laughing so hard. Honestly I’m not exaggerating, I do find it hilarious. Yes it’s deadly serious too, I know that. Political Correctness ends in uniformity of thought and behaviour and ultimately the criminalisation of anything that doesn’t conform. It’s a mainstay of Cultural Marxism and is totalitarianism on steroids. Well my friend, the ante has been upped in the last month. Here are a few examples. Prepare for belly laughs! Michelle Terry is the new artistic

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You Can Stop Worrying About The Coming Cashless Society – It’s Here Already.

3.4 million people in the UK hardly used any cash at all in the last year and debit card payments have overtaken cash use for the first time, according to banking trade body UK Finance. 13.2 billion debit card payments were made in 2017, a very sharp rise of 14% on the previous year. The research shows that the use of notes and coins dropped by 15% overall. Purchases are increasingly being made using contactless technology, you know where you hold your card near the machine without having to input your pin? Wait for it… the frequency of contactless payments almost

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National Grieving Fest On Grenfell Tower Fire Anniversary Is Disturbing & Unsettling

I had a call this morning from an old friend who sounded very annoyed. I can’t identify him or where he works, but he rang to say that he was told by his manager that his presence along with everyone else’s, was required in the canteen at midday, where a minutes silence would be observed in memory of those killed in the Grenfell Tower disaster, which occurred exactly one year ago today. He was also told that there would be time made available after that, for everyone to chat about it. My mate, who I know to be kind, decent

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Paris Mayor Names Street In Honour Of Palestine – French Jews Threaten To Kill Him

A Parisian Mayor was threatened and warned that he will be “blown up” after he named a street in honour of Palestinians who were forced out of their homes by the creation of the state of Israel. The Mayor, Dominique Lesparre and his colleagues at Bezons town hall said that they had received “a multitude of threatening calls.” Lesparre was called a “Nazi Communist” and was warned “we will kill you”, and “we will blow up the mayor”. After the illegal UN sanctioned partition of Palestine in 1948, Israeli terrorist organisations like the Haganah, Irgun and Stern gang expelled nearly 800,000

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Outrage After Trans Teen Wins Girls State Championship – Months After Competing As Boy!

A Connecticut high school student won the girls 100 and 200 metre sprint races at the CIAC State Open track and field competition earlier this month. Terry Miller, who was born a male but identifies as a female won the 100 metres in 11.72 seconds and dominated the 200 metre race in a time of 24.17 seconds. Incredibly, the runner-up in the 100 metre race, Andraya Yearwood, is also a trans girl who was born a boy. What kind of fuckery is this eh? The parents of the girls who were blown away by the teeny trannies were not impressed and

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