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Labour MP Jess Phillips: “End Online Anonymity To Stop Rape Threats Against Women!”

Labour’s Jess Phillips claims that she has “lost count” of the number of abusive messages she has received online. The Birmingham Yardley MP said that in one night she received 600 rape threats and was threatened with violence and aggression every day. As a result of her personal experience, she wants people to have to disclose their real identity to providers like Facebook and Twitter. If she gets her way and their is a lot of weight behind this particular campaign, your days of anonymity online are over. 600 rape threats in one day, that must be terrifying right?  Well no

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Robbie Williams Condemned For Moscow World Cup Opening Ceremony Gig.

I like Robbie Williams. I saw him last year at the Etihad stadium in Manchester. The Mrs. and I had a great night. He’s a great showman is the ex-Take That singer who has has enjoyed a hugely successful solo career. He’s getting hammered today though. Apparently he’s agreed to perform at the World Cup opening ceremony in Moscow this Thursday and the UK’s political establishment is fuming. Fuck ’em. Now I’ll definitely watch it. I gave up on World Cup opening ceremonies after Diana Ross missed a penalty 4 feet away from an open goal at Soldier Field Chicago

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Tonight’s Show Cancelled – Gremlins In The Works.

Alright folks. The main studio computer crashed this lunchtime. It’s no big deal and nothing that cannot be fixed. But it is a fecking nuisance. FAB Radio’s Paul Ripley has been working on it remotely for me. Top man is Paul. There would be no RA Show without him. The repair (including installation of new software), can’t be completed until tomorrow AM. Apologies for this. It’s just one of those things. I had a cracker of a show lined up for you tonight too, including an astonishing story of Targeted Individuals. I’ve re-scheduled the guests. I will do a live

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Mum Has Sons Life-Saving Cannabis Oil Confiscated At Heathrow Airport.

A mother has had cannabis oil taken from her as she arrived at Heathrow airport this morning. Charlotte Caldwell tried to bring the drug into the UK for her sick son but it was confiscated by customs officers. One of them had tears in his eyes as he took possession of the oil. Charlotte who flew in from Canada, where she bought the oil, wasn’t cautioned. Her twelve year-old son Billy, was prescribed medicinal cannabis oil last year to help treat his epilepsy. He had been suffering from hundreds of seizures a day. Charlotte told reporters at Heathrow that customs

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BBC Springwatch Presenter Warns Of Imminent UK Ecological Collapse.

The naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham is warning that we are presiding over “an ecological apocalypse” and that Britain is increasingly “a green and unpleasant land”. The BBC presenter claimed that British people have normalised a “national catastrophe” and that we only see a wealth of wildlife in nature reserves, with the wider countryside bereft of life. He told The Guardian newspaper; “It’s catastrophic and that’s what we’ve forgotten – our generation is presiding over an ecological apocalypse and we’ve somehow or other normalised it.”  Packham received a lot of attention recently, when tweeting about the absence of insects in the New

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