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Greville Janner Was A Filthy Child Abuser No Matter What His Family Says.

Today’s Daily Mail features an article by Daniel Janner, son of the late Greville Janner, the former barrister and MP for Leicester West. Greville Janner died in December 2015, shortly before a trial of the facts was due to take place, to establish whether there was any merit to allegations that he had been abusing children since the 1950’s. Alison Saunders was the Director of Public Prosecutions who made the decision to pursue a case against Janner. She opted for a “trial of the facts” after he had been diagnosed as suffering with dementia and therefore unfit to plead in

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Sunday Newspaper Front Pages – Easter Sunday View LIVE At 11 AM UK Time.

He is risen! Good morning. Yes I’m out of bed and Sunday View is live at 11 AM UK time this morning as promised. Here are the front pages of today’s papers and the links to the show. Speak soon. (Channel 2 )                        

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Zionist Stooge John Mann Is The 21st Century’s Joseph McCarthy. Who’ll Be Edward Murrow?

Coming soon to a cinema near you, The 7th Sense: I See anti-Semites Everywhere, starring John Mann. Labour MP Mann was the guy who chased after Ken Livingstone with a camera crew in tow, back in 2016. He followed Livingstone up the stairs at the BBC’s offices in Millbank, shouting and calling him a “fucking disgrace”. Millions of people saw the footage on the evening news and social media. It was all very carefully orchestrated by Mann of course. Livingstone as you know by now, had said the day before, that Hitler had at one time supported Zionism (The Haavara

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Children Who Need To Use The Toilet Are Humiliated In West Midlands School

I think I’ve heard it all now. Oldswinford Church of England Primary School in Dudley, West Midlands, has removed toilet paper from school toilets and students must now put their hands up to ask their teacher for permission to take some toilet roll out of the classroom. One parent claimed that her son was left in tears after being asked by his teacher whether he was going to do number one or number two. He said number two whereupon the teacher counted off some sheets and handed them to him. The head-teacher said that the measure was introduced because toilets were being

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Safe Spaces Study Finds That Free Speech Is Inhibited At UK Universities

Westminster’s joint committee on human rights has found that while there isn’t wholesale censorship of debate on university campuses, there are  factors at work that do limit free speech, resulting in the marginalisation of the views of some groups. The committee which is headed up by Harriet Harman, found that safe-space policies, which were supposed to ensure that minority groups felt secure, were being used by some to prevent the free speech of others whose views they disagreed with. I would say that this was the real motivation behind safe spaces. It was never a policy designed to protect minorities or

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