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Brexit Is Dead In The Water – Daily Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Is a brilliant journalist, old school to the bone and marrow. He’s The Telegraph’s business editor, but was once the paper’s Europe correspondent and spent years in Brussels. I’ve always liked him. He’s been steadfastly opposed to austerity policies and has written extensively over the years about the devastation such policies cause to communities. He was always opposed to the EMU (Economic & Monetary Union of the EU) too. In fact he accurately predicted the crises we have seen in Southern Europe. You might not know this, but he once wrote a book about Bill Clinton in which

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The Richie Allen Show Wednesday June 6th 2018 – LIVE at 7 PM BST

Richie will be reporting on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the UK and the Argentinian FA’s decision to cancel this Saturdays scheduled soccer match with Israel in Jerusalem. He’ll also have the latest on the Skripal poisoning saga, Brexit and more.  Plus Richie will be chatting with Kellie Cottam, who was first on The RA Show in the summer of 2015. Two of Kellie’s children were forcibly taken from her and placed in care. She was told that she represented a future risk of emotional harm to her children. Over 30,000 children are taken into care each year

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Nurse Has One-Year Old Son Stolen By Social Services Because Toy Car Too Small For Him!

A nurse has had her one-year-old son taken from her after a social worker complained about the way she let him sit in a toy car. The Social worker said that the toy car was inappropriate for his age and told a family court judge how she had concerns about the nurse’s “basic parenting skills” after observing her with the child in a play area. Judge Eleanor Owens heard how the social worker also felt that the woman had not fed the boy appropriately and had not changed his nappy appropriately. I never knew that there was a government manual

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Argentina Calls Off Soccer Friendly In Jerusalem Over Gaza Violence.

Who knows what to believe? The BBC reported earlier today that Argentina cancelled a forthcoming friendly match with Israel, apparently under political pressure over Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza. The Beeb quoted striker Gonzalo Higuain who said  that; “They’ve finally done the right thing.” The Israeli Embassy in Argentina confirmed that the game was off. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently called Argentine President Mauricio Macri in an attempt to salvage the game, which was due to be played in Jerusalem on Saturday. News of the cancellation was met with cheers in Gaza, where at least 120 Palestinians were killed by

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Opinion – How ABC Should Have Dealt With Roseanne’s Racist Tweet

So ABC has cancelled the hugely successful re-boot of Roseanne’s sitcom after she posted a tweet comparing a black woman to an ape. Valerie Jarrett used to work for former US President Barack Obama. ABC said: “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values and we have decided to cancel her show.” The tweet said that Valerie Jarrett was the child of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes film. That’s not funny. Comparing a black man or woman to an ape is repugnant. It was idiotic in the extreme. Barr deleted the post and later claimed

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